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Jameson Fredric

Professor, Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Romance Studies (French), Director of the Center for Critical Theory

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Research Interests


Research interests

His most frequently taught courses cover modernist literature and cinema, Marx and Freud, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, and Zizek, as well as the modern French novel and cinema, and the Frankfurt School. Among Professor Jameson's ongoing concerns is the need to analyze literature as an encoding of political and social imperatives, and the interpretation of modernist and postmodernist assumptions through a rethinking of Marxist methodology.


Ph.D., Yale University 1959

M.A., Yale University 1956

B.A., Haverford College 1954


Director of the Center for Critical Theory,DUKE

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Gherman's anti-aesthetic

Jameson, F., 一月 2016, 在 : New Left Review. no.97, 页码 95 105 页码, 11.

科研成果: Article

  • Marxist Criticism and Hegel

    Jameson, F., 三月 2016, 在 : modern language association. 131, 页码 430–438 9 页码

    科研成果: Article

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    Early Lukács, Aesthetics of Politics?.

    Jameson, F., 三月 25 2015, 在 : Historical Materialism. v.23, no.1, 页码 3 27 页码, 25.

    科研成果: Article

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    In Hyperspace.

    Jameson, F., 九月 10 2015, 在 : London Review of Books . v.37, no.17, 页码 17 22 页码, 6.

    科研成果: Article

  • On re-reading life and fate.

    Jameson, F., 九月 1 2015, 在 : New Left Review. no.95, 页码 81 93 页码, 13.

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